Moove design


For quite some time, I was eager to do something, to change every day life and to reach this goal of making my own design, my own logo, my own future…

And so, after sleepless nights, unsettled spirit and investigating my crazy brain to find this special logo…I found it deep inside of me…

So just quickly let me introduce myself. An architect, designer and blogger with creative mind and one wish to create truly meaningful and desirable things, I studied architecture and interior, but ever liked to be limited only in one thing, in one label… My logo actually came from the name /MOjca VEhar/ – MO VE… Hmmm, but why MOOVE ? Well, just look back at my thoughts. Why limit yourself, if your imagination is like infinity? The O became OO, became infinity. Yess, the perfect symbol for me! A girl with creativeness, full of inspiration and willingness to design and design and design. And with the determination, that this….this is a beginning of something special…

So buckle up, my friend, and hope you will enjoy the ride:)


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